Types of Grief Sessions

Grief is a journey that you can’t ask to be on, don’t want to be on, and cannot get off once your on it. Though unique to the individual, it helps to be in relationship with others when on this path. Here are some ways to share your journey:

Grief one-on-one meetings are scheduled to facilitate the needs of the client. Discussion focuses on the loss and the journey of grief. Call or email to make an appointment. The meeting are face-to-face or with the use of FaceTime or through telephone conversation.

Grief Coaching is one-on-one and usually meets once a month. Coaching uses different avenues to help with the journey of grief. Times vary according to the client’s needs. The meeting may be face-to-face, use FaceTime, or through telephone conversation.

Grief Support Group meets to discuss the impact of grief, the affects of grief, and the journey of grief. Sessions meet in the Youngstown/Boardman/Salem, Ohio area.

Grief Studies usually run for four weeks. They are scheduled as needed and are held in the NE Ohio area.


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